Jeffrey Bernard Hicks was born in Emporia, Virginia to the late Queen E. Hicks.  He graduated from Greensville County High School in 1987. Then he entered the United States Air Force in December 1987. In 2000, while stationed at Offutt AFB, Nebraska, that hidden poetic talent was drawn out.  His poetry was used as part of a radio advertisement for a poetry club called “The Groove”.  He has performed live poetry at the “Cartier”, along with poets from BET’s DEF Poetry.

Jeffrey started at a jazz and poetry night while at a deployed location. He combined some of his poetry over pictures for Father’s Day t-shirts at Eden Baptist Church.  Recently, one of his poems was featured at the Offutt AFB African American Heritage Committee Luncheon, February 2006.

The old saying, “behind every great man is a woman” is certainly true in his case.  He started to write poetry in 2000 during a deployment to impress this young lady that he had met a few days earlier.  It is amazing what a case of mistaken identity can lead a person to do.  He used poetry as a conversational tool. Once the flow was turned on, it continued.

Jeffrey, his wife Tarrah, and daughter India currently reside in London, England.



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